Value chain analysis of berries and nuts in Ukraine


          The UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (UNIDO), in response to a request from the Government of Ukraine has agreed to provide assistance to the Government in carrying out the project entitled “Global Quality and Standards Programme Ukraine: Strengthening quality and standards compliance capacity for selected value chains” in Ukraine. 

           Non-Governmental Union “Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine” within the framework of this project will provide expert support and consulting services related to Value chain analysis of berries and nuts in Ukraine.

          The proposed study aims to comprehensively analyse the value chain of berries and nuts in Ukraine. By examining the entire lifecycle from production to consumption, we will identify critical points, challenges, and opportunities within the value chain. Our approach to conducting a comprehensive Value Chain Analysis of Berries & Nuts in Ukraine, with a focused examination of quality, environmental, social, and sustainable requirements, along with evaluating its compliance infrastructure, is multifaceted and rigorous. Our approach will be holistic, considering economic, environmental, and social dimensions.

          We will employ a robust methodological framework that combines qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. This will include a mix of primary data collection through interviews, and on-site observations, supplemented by secondary data analysis from relevant industry reports, national statistics, and government publications.  Central to our approach is active engagement with all relevant stakeholders across the value chain, including farmers, producers, processors, distributors, retailers, regulatory bodies. We will also actively engage government agencies, industry associations, academic institutions, and civil society organizations. This inclusive approach ensures a holistic understanding of the dynamics and challenges within the industry. This collaborative approach will foster consensus-building, knowledge-sharing, and policy advocacy to create an enabling environment for B&N exports. 

          Our analysis will delve deeply into the quality standards and practices prevalent in the berries and nuts value chain in Ukraine. This will involve assessing factors such as production techniques, post-harvest handling, storage facilities, packaging, and transportation methods to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. We will assess the alignment of Ukrainian quality standards and regulations with those of the EU, particularly focusing on requirements related to food safety, traceability, pesticide residues, and packaging. By identifying areas of convergence and disparity, we can develop strategies to harmonize Ukrainian standards with EU norms, thus facilitating market access for B&N exports.

         Our analysis will assess the existing regulatory framework and compliance infrastructure governing the berries and nuts industry in Ukraine. This will involve an examination of relevant laws, regulations, standards, certifications, and enforcement mechanisms to ascertain the level of adherence to quality, environmental, and social requirements. We will identify opportunities to strengthen the infrastructure supporting B&N production and exportation in Ukraine. By upgrading the quality infrastructure, Ukraine can build trust and confidence in its B&N exports, facilitating market entry into the EU and other international markets. 

The project is implemented by the Foundation for support of reforms in Ukraine with the support of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization — UNIDO. The opinions expressed herein are those of the Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization — UNIDO.