Support to infrastructure sector reforms

The project “Support to infrastructure sector reforms” was initiated in September 2016 and lasted till February 2018 with the support of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund. WNISEF provided initial support under the project for strengthening the capacity of the Technical Office at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

The purpose of the project is strengthening the decision-making efficiency that will contribute to the reform implementation through increasing the Ministry’s staff potential and raising public awareness on the reform progress in the field of the transport infrastructure.

The team of professionals worked in the following areas:

State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Reform:

  • Development of a centralized procurement plan and an annual procurement plan for state agencies under the Ministry’s supervision and preparation of draft provisions on SOEs procurement.
  • Preparation of the assets for privatization, concession and enterprises public procurement procedures.
  • Improvement of management efficiency at SOEs and services under the Ministry’s supervision

Open data:

  • Creation of conditions for greater accessibility to open databases for public and business that will lead to transparency in the activities of the SOEs and increase the efficiency of using public funds.
  • Development of online visualization on the Ministry’s website.
  • Interaction with outside portals and registers

Reform of the transport safety and deregulation of passenger transportation

  • The Reform involves implementing transport security enhancements such as weight control, security of infrastructure facilities, accident rates reduction, etc.
  • Improvement of issuance of transport permits.


Special attention should be paid to a book presented by the Technical Office "State enterprises investment projects in the infrastructure sector of Ukraine"  (the book is available in Ukrainian and English). It contains the details of more than twenty-five state enterprises, including revenue structures, development prospects, and main advantages of enterprises.

At the end of its activities, the Technical Office at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine also presented a summary with the results of the Ministry's work in 2017.

The focus is paid to such key areas of the Ministry's activities as:

  • Transport corridors development;
  • Transport safety and deregulation of passenger road transport;
  • Measures by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine;
  • Measures by SE "Ukrvodshlyakh".