Reforms Delivery Office

The Reforms Delivery Office (RDO) is an advisory and consultative body to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine subordinated to the Prime-Minister of Ukraine to support his office in coordination and implementation of reforms plans. The RDO contributes to effective communications of reforms to the public.

The Office is one of the two successor entities resulting from the redesign of the National Reforms Council Project Management Office (NRC PMO) that was financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the support of the National Reforms Council activities.

RDO objectives and tasks:

The RDO plays an essential role in the coordination and monitoring of the implementation of reforms plans. It provides coordination, analytical, communication and strategic planning support ensuring monitoring and implementation processes and delivering results in a timely fashion. The RDO ensures effective communication and partnership with national and international counterparts, donors and civil society. It also ensures an adequate level of public scrutiny, control and participation in progress-to-date, key findings and recommendations. In addition, it tracks progress in reform implementation and makes findings accessible to facilitate public discussion.

Areas of activities:

  • Coordination, facilitation, organizational and technical support to ministries in the implementation of reforms;
  • Providing support in coordination of stakeholders and donors of the reforms;
  • Providing structuring and systematizing of the content of reforms;
  • Monitoring and controlling of the implementation of the reforms and ensuring mutual connectivity, complementarity, and the absence of contradictions between reforms.

For the purpose of fulfilling its functions, the Reforms Delivery Office uses the services of consultants. Consultancy services are utilized for overall management and administration of the Office.

Currently the Reforms Delivery Office works on 6 priority reforms:

  • Public Administration Reform
  • Education reform
  • Privatization and SOE reform
  • Land market reform
  • Health care reform
  • Pension reform

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