National Council for Reforms and EBRD initiated the creation of «Foundation for support of reforms in Ukraine»

Non-governmental union "Foundation for support of reforms in Ukraine" is an independent, non-governmental union that has been operating since 2015.

The Foundation was founded at the discretion of the National Reform Council jointly with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, at support of International Renaissance Foundation. "Foundation for support of reforms in Ukraine" foundation was stipulated in a panel session of the National Reform Council through the President of Ukraine and the other members of NRC.

Our objective and primary goal is to promote the development of Ukraine and improve the material well-being of its citizens by supporting the development and implementation of reforms in Ukraine.

The organization is financially backed by the international funders and separate Ukrainian and foreign organizations and citizens. All launched initiatives and implemented projects will be published in the Foundation annual reports and brief graphical reports in the course of the year.