Lawyer (legal expert) of technical regulation

The NGO «Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine» announces a competition for the position of  lawyer (legal expert) of technical regulation  for the «TIPSTER: Trade, Intellectual Property Support and Technical Regulation» program (hereinafter – Project).  

The project is being implemented by the NGO «Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine» within the international cooperation project ReACT4UA («Utilization and Implementation of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine in the field of trade»), which is financed by the German Government and implemented by the German federal company Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.   

The objective of the project TIPSTER: «Trade, Intellectual Properties Support, and Technical Regulation» (hereinafter referred to as «Project») is to strengthen institutional and regulatory framework conditions that will improve the competitive environment for business and service providers and develop their export potential by developing elaborated export policies and favourable policies for trade environment for business and service providers and develop their export potential. The Project aims to help Ukrainian manufacturers and businesses improve their capacities to export goods and services by developing elaborated export policies and favourable policies for trade promotion and strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs.

Ukraine continues its integration into the European Union. One of the strategic goals of AA/DCFTA is the conclusion between the EU and Ukraine of the Agreement on conformity assessment and acceptance of industrial products (ACAA). For this purpose, the EU Side assessed the compliance of sectors related to technical barriers to trade of AA/DCFTA with EU requirements. In a result, recommendations were provided for further Ukraine’s policy development and the conclusion of ACAA.

In June 2023, the leaders of 27 EU member states decided to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership. The next step, which requires careful preparation by the Parties, is the opening of the negotiation process regarding the conclusion of an Agreement on Ukraine's accession to the EU. Ukraine has already started internal preparations for this process, which covers a preliminary analysis of the compliance of Ukrainian legislation with EU law, the creation of working groups to analyse achievements and challenges given EU accession, the preparation of a new program for European integration and the bringing of Ukrainian legislation to EU requirements, which will cover not only the obligations stipulated by the AA/DCFTA but also those elements of EU law that are required for Ukraine's accession to the EU.

Main objective of the assignment

The main objective of this assignment is to provide legal expert support to MoE and other state authorities in further dialogue with the EU on ACAA and EU accession, defining strategic guidelines for further policy development and aligning Ukraine’s legislation with EU Law and ACAA mission recommendations in the sectors related to technical barriers to trade.

Scope of Works and Expert Assignment

The Contractor, in coordination with the Ministry of Economy (the Technical Regulation and Innovation Policy Department) and, if needed, structural units of other state authorities, shall provide the following services: 

  • analysis and preparation of legal information to support dialogue between Ukraine and EU; 

  • analysis of valid legislation of Ukraine in the sectors related to technical barriers to trade and ACAA mission recommendations, providing advice for its improvement;

  • drafting legislation based on EU law and legal guidelines for its application;

  • support to developing policy documents and coordination tools;

  • any other requested legal support related to the process of elimination of technical trade barriers.


  • excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills with analytic capacity and ability to synthesise inputs and relevant findings;

  • computer literacy;

  • excellent knowledge of Ukrainian, working level of English.

Qualification and Experience Requirements

Education: Master’s or equivalent degree in Law or International Law, EU law specialisation is an advantage.


  • over 10 years of professional experience in European affairs, public service and/or closely related fields;

  • at least 5 years of experience working with/in the Parliament/Government/ministries;

  • at least 5 years of specific professional experience in legal approximation and/or providing expertise of draft legal acts for compliance with the EU acquis;

  • experience with a multilateral or international organisation and/or the EU; 

  • experience in implementing the EU-UA AA/DCFTA, sufficient knowledge of Ukraine’s national legislation and EU policy in technical regulation;

  • experience in preparing analytical and strategic policy planning documents and in legal drafting;

  • experience in providing methodological support is an advantage. 

If you are interested in this opportunity to become a lawyer (legal expert) of technical regulation of the project «TIPSTER: Trade, Intellectual Property Support and Technical Regulation» and have the required qualifications, please send your CV and cover letter outlining your relevant experience to:, with the topic: lawyer (legal expert) of technical regulation.

Deadline: September 29, 2023, 18:00