Legal Expert (All Decentralization Sectors) for the POSD Project

Legal Expert (All Decentralization Sectors) for the Project Office For Sectoral Decentralization (POSD)

Minregion has initiated implementation of the Project Office for Sectoral Decentralization (POSD) – independent non-governmental structure financed by the donors and authorized by the Minregion to coordinate implementation of sectoral policy on decentralization in the relevant ministries and authorities. Considering the scope of the reform, POSD covers the following sectors: education, healthcare, finance, roads infrastructure.

Legal Expert will support POSD in actualizing the sectoral reforms plans in the sectors “education”, “road infrastructure”, “healthcare”, provide written proposals regarding possible solutions on solving urgent issues that arise during implementation of the decentralization reform in these sectors, monitor the draft legal acts and provide analytical conclusions and proposals on the influence of these legislative initiatives on the implementation of the reform of local governance and decentralization reform in the aforementioned  sectors.

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Closing date for applications: May 10, 2019

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