Проєкт з підтримки малого та середнього бізнесу

The EU4Business programme, funded by the European Union and the German Government, will support 50 small enterprises with a new wave of grants. Each grant worth up to is EUR 10,000 euros (or equivalent of UAH 400,000) and will be allocated to the companies, which are affected by the full scale war invasion and are ready to develop business in the field of supply of essential goods.

The grants must be used within six months for:

  • preservation and creation of new jobs (payment of wages, no more than 3 employees);

  • procurement of equipment and raw materials;

  • rent for premises;

  • equipment leasing (excluding personal vehicles);

  • expenses related to business relocation;

  • consulting services (including marketing and brand development);

  • certification services.

Who can apply for a grant?

Legal entities of any organizational and legal form of ownership that meet the following criteria can apply:

  • the main type of economic activity that meets the requirements for receiving a grant;

  • the company has from 11 to 49 employees;

  • the owner is exclusively a citizen of Ukraine;

  • do not operate in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine as of the date of application and do not have subsidiaries in the Russian Federation, Belarus, and other countries on the sanctions list;

  • annual income from all activities of the company does not exceed the equivalent of EUR 10 million.

Companies engaged in the production of vital goods and services for Ukrainian citizens as well as operating in the healthcare or architecture and engineering sectors are given priority in the evaluation of grant applications 

The selection of candidates will last until 10 September 2023. The evaluation committee will consist of independent business experts who will select the most relevant applications and conduct interviews with the pre-selected companies.

You can apply for the grant here – https://diia.gov.ua/services/grant-vid-eu4business-dlya-malogo-biznesu

Background information:

The EU4Business microgrants will contribute to the goals of the Government’s initiative #eRobota implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

The grant schemes are provided within the international cooperation programme «EU4Business: SME Recovery, Competitiveness and Internationalisation» which is funded by the European Union and the German Government and implemented by the German federal company Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. The grant schemes are facilitated by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The implementing partner of the current scheme is the NGU “Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine”. The applications are only accepted via a single portal of public services Diia. The information partners are the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office, the Ukrainian national project for entrepreneurship and export development Diia.Business.  

For more information on the EU4Business programme and the new grant mechanism, please contact the project team: office@fsr.org.ua