Export Promotion Office's Report for August-December 2018

Export Promotion Office (EPO), an advisory and consultative body to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, has issued the report on the results of its activities during August-December 2018.

2018 is a special year for the Export Promotion Office, in particular, due to its transformation into the state agency. That's why apart from summing up the Office's performance during the last four months, the report makes a journey into its history and highlights the progress of the EPO at each stage of its operation.

The report also lists accomplishments in export consulting services, sourcing, analytics of markets, achievements of trade missions and exhibitions, educational programs for Ukrainian exporters and of SheExports program, B2G platform and communication activities.

The Office's results of work for such a short period of its functioning really impresses. For instance, the area of export consulting contributed to more than 240 companies to get services of their export ideas' evaluation and mentorship and to acquire skills of entering international markets. Trade missions of the EPO help exporters win contracts: for example, during the mission to Nigeria 4 companies signed contracts, 3 companies won contracts during the mission to Israel. In addition to this, the Office's educational services became systematic: the initial release of the "Export Revolution in Ukraine" program was launched for the second time. The new educational course was launched for creative industries "Creative export in Ukraine".

Special attention in the report is drawn to the development and presentation of Ukraine's Export brand and to the work of the National booth at the China International Import Expo 2018, which are crucial achievements on our way to export promotion and popularization of Ukraine's export potential. These attainments contribute to the systematization of communication of Ukraine's export potential and advancement of Ukrainian products abroad.

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