Effective Cooperation between Foundation for support of reforms in Ukraine with MEDT

In October 2015 a non-governmental union "Foundation for support of reforms in Ukraine" has signed a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine as part of the deregulation initiatives.

The Foundation collaborates with the Ministry in order to create conditions for an attractive business environment in Ukraine by implementation of initiatives on deregulation.


Initiatives on deregulation:

  1. Analysis of the current regulatory environment;
  2. Preparation of amendments to current regulations in each of the selected sectors.


The goal of cooperation is the provision of support to the Ministry’s endeavours to establish a national regulatory environment that reduces burdens and boosts private sector activity and economic development.

Specific actions and measures in frames of cooperation the Foundation and MEDT

  • Expert, technical, organizational support for Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO);


What is BRDO? The goal of establishment and functioning

The Better Regulation Delivery Office (hereinafter referred to as BRDO) will be established as a non-governmental independent entity that will work in collaboration with business, various agencies, and ministries to tackle issues of regulatory environment in order to eliminate barriers for business and boost economic growth of Ukraine. The BRDO will conduct a comprehensive review of all state regulations in selected industries for effective regulation. The ultimate goal of the creation and functioning of the BRDO is to reduce the cost and complexity of doing business, reduce corruption factors and build capacity for better regulation.


  • Review regulatory acts (laws, resolutions, regulations etc.) in at least three selected sectors of economy, assess impact of  regulatory burdens, receive proposals from civil society and business community and  split it by 3 groups of acts: to be abolished, to be changed, to be kept;
  • Draft needed changes into the legislation or new regulations and transmit to the Ministry for the final approval;
  • Building capacity of Ministry’s appropriate staff and involved project managers;
  • Training, capacity-building and expert support to deregulation initiatives of the Ministry.


Expected Deliverables of the Project Implementation

The Ministry will implement the deregulation initiatives, through the BRDO, to create conditions for an attractive business environment.

Expected deliverables are:

  • Assessment of  the existing regulatory environment in at least three selected sectors of economy;
  • Elaborated proposals (including drafted regulatory acts) to eliminate barriers for doing business;
  • Increased capacity of national and sub-national level institutions to effectively implement Regulatory Impact Analysis and other relevant mechanisms, necessary for better regulation;
  • Increased capacity of national and sub-national level institutions to effectively communicate on reforms and progress on implementation of deregulation initiatives.


In order to measure the progress towards the results of implementation of deregulation initiatives there will be used an number of Quantitative and/or qualitative indicators.