Investment promotion office


The Government of Ukraine has launched a number of important initiatives in investment promotion. In particular, in August 2016 the Government announced creation of Investment promotion office and appointed Government envoy for investment to coordinate the operations of the office with the government, ministries and other authorities. 

The WNISEF is supporting the Government of Ukraine with the development of sound economic policy and leadership, and fostering strategic collaboration between and among private and public actors, as envisaged by the Memorandum of Understanding between WNISEF and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. 

WNISEF provides technical assistance for launching the Investment Promotion Office with a view to assisting the Government of Ukraine in achieving its investment promotion policy objectives. The main tasks of the experts will be to assist the Prime Minister and the Government of Ukraine in creation of an "Invest in Ukraine" platform and supporting campaign.

The project’s goals and objectives

  • сreate and control a new narrative about investing and doing business in Ukraine today;
  • сonsolidate and provide information that investors seek before making investment decisions;
  • promote investments & business development in Ukraine for medium to long term.

Targeted areas of focus for investment promotion Organization of Ukraine

Investment promotion activities for this initiative can be grouped into three initial areas:

  • national image building,
  • investor servicing,
  • investment generation.  

The initial focus of this new organization within the Office of the PM will focus on the first three: 

  • image building activities aim to build a perception of the country as a viable location for foreign direct investment, 
  • investor servicing as it involves assisting large potential and / or committed investors in analyzing business opportunities, introducing local partners & legal/accounting support, etc.,
  • investment generation to identifying potential investors who may be interested in establishing a presence in the country, developing a strategy to contact them and starting a dialogue with the purpose of having them commit to an investment project. 

Activities will include a great website, investment seminars and missions, participation in trade shows and exhibitions, one-to-one direct marketing efforts, facilitating visits of prospective investors, matching prospective investors with local partners, help with obtaining permits and approvals, etc. Image building activities and participation in trade-related events will be coordinated with the Export Promotion Organization, MEDT’s arm in trade and export promotion.  

The project's sustainability

The Investment promotion office will start as a donor-funded institution. It is expected that it will become a budgetary agency / organization in the long-term perspective.