Senior Expert for the Office for Regional Investment Projects Facilitation

Our partner SURGe Project (Support to Ukraine’s Reforms for Governance) is a new five-year project in Ukraine launched in October 2019 by Agriteam Canada. 

SURGe’s Ultimate Outcome is to help the Government of Ukraine (GoU) to deliver governance and economic reforms that better respond to the needs of its citizens.

In partnership with the Government of Ukraine (GoU), SURGe is establishing an expert group on Regional Investment Projects Facilitation to enhance capacity of amalgamated territorial communities (ATCs) to identify their investment needs and local strategies, develop the competences of ATCs to identify, plan, design and implement investment projects in results-based way, with consideration of community needs.

For this reform, SURGe Project is looking for a Senior Expert who will work with the team to increase capacity of ATCs to drive investment projects that create jobs and meet community needs, identify investment opportunities, develop strategies, design investment projects, attract appropriate financing and implement investment projects.

Closing date for applications: February 21, 2020.

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