The goal of the current reform initiative is to further scale-up the Prozorro.Sale electronic trading system by means of introduction of three new auctions: land leasing, state railway service property disposal and cargo carriages leasing, disposal of property of insolvent entities. Those are the new areas of the public property management for the state-owned enterprises and governmental authorities. This initiative will result in development and set-to-run in the fully operating mode of the new auction procedures of the Prozorro.Sale Electronic Trading System.

Legal Advisor will be responsible for implementation of the changes into the legislation related to the electronic trading field and for providing necessary legal grounds to support the business process as required by various participants of the Electronic Trading System. The role of the Legal Advisor is to conduct activities of settlement the appropriate legal framework for the functioning and application of the Electronic Trading System as well as to carry out general legal supporting activities inside the project.

Closing date for applications: October 5, 2018

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