Expert in Trade

Non-Governmental Union “Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine”  (NGU “FSRU”) with the support of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has launched the project “Tasks implementation within the scope of National Export Strategy of Ukraine and sectoral and cross-sectoral strategies”.

Within the Project NGU “FSRU" is looking for Expert in Trade (2 persons)

Scope of services 

  1. Development, pilot start and distribution of "package of exporter" which is key information to other information generators.
  2. Promotion of research through meeting with businesses, with extra focus on SMEs.
  3. Package with exporter will consist of two parts (each part for a separate expert) - general part relevant for all businesses, and industry specific relevant for selected targeted types of business (agricultural, manufacturing, light industry, etc).
  4. Supporting International trade council together with its working groups upon implementation of other tasks that might be relevant upon performance of its annual working plan or other activities 
  5. Expert, legal and analytical support of the International Trade Council together with its working groups according to Annual activity plan 2019. 
  6. Participation in development of concept of the International Trade Council for 2020.


  • Development of package of exporter with all the relevant trade rules.  
  • Distribution of package of exporter through media, industrial fairs and associations.  
  • Up to 8 meetings are performed within International trade council and its working groups in Kyiv and regions; supporting the meetings with key speakers (if needed), support upon implementation of other tasks within the scope 
  • Implementation of the Annual activity plan of the International Trade Council together with its working groups assisted.
  • Draft of a concept of the International Trade Council for 2020 is prepared and approved.

Preferred Qualifications and Skills:

  • At least a Master’s degree in law, economics, international relations, or relevant field
  • At least 3 years of proven experience in law, public or business administration, trade, SME, consulting
  • Familiarity with trade policy, WTO, the Export strategy of Ukraine
  • Proven knowledge and professional experience in project management
  • Strong analytical, communication and presentation skills with the ability to interpret complex legal, commercial and financial information
  • Experience in high-level negotiations, strong communication, and presentation skills
  • PC literacy
  • Excellent command of English and Ukrainian, both written and spoken
  • Experience in leading multidisciplinary teams is an asset

Contract Duration: by 31.12.2019

For contracting, a candidate should be able to register Private Entrepreneur of the 3d group.

The closing date for applications (CV with information on expected fee and level of efforts - full-time, part-time (N of days per month) ): June 6, 2019.

Please, send your applications to:

Активно до: