Reforms Delivery office CMU presents a report "Reforms in Ukraine: Progress in 2017 & Priorities for 2018"

Reforms Delivery Office at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine presents a report on the Government's activities in 2017 and key plans for 2018 "Reforms in Ukraine: Progress in 2017 & Priorities for 2018" with support of GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and non-governmental union "Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine" 

Among key reform priorities are the following:

  • pension reform;
  • education reform;
  • health care reform;
  • public administration reform;
  • privatization and SOE reform;
  • land market reform.

Government's reform priorities for 2018 are the continuation of privatization and SOE reform, land market reform, public administration reform, business climate improvement, logistics and infrastructure development, energy reform, innovations development, and anticorruption and the rule of law.

The report contains a list of main Government's achievements in 2017 in such areas of activities as economic growth, effective governance, human capital development, anticorruption and rule of law, security and defence.